What size Culvert pipe does this cover fit on?
The Standard cover fits on a 15-inch Black Plastic Double-wall corrugated pipe.

What is the front inside diameter of the Culvert Pipe Landscape Cover opening?
The opening for the Culvert Pipe Landscape Cover is 15 inches. This diameter is also the inside diameter of the 15-inch double-wall and 15-inch galvanized pipe, it will hide the face of the culvert opening.

What is the diameter of the opening that fits over the culvert pipe?                            The opening diameter of the culvert cover that fits over the culvert pipe is 18 inches.  This is also the outside diameter of a 15-inch double-wall corrugated pipe.

Why do I need the Adapter Kit?
The Adapter Kit adapts the Culvert Pipe Landscape Cover to fit a Gray Galvanized 15-inch steel culvert pipe or 15-inch single wall corrugated pipe.

What is the Adapter Kit?                                                                                              The Adapter Kit allows the standard cover of 18-inches (inside diameter) to be reduced down the the Gray Galvanized culvert pipe of 16-inches (outside diameter).

How do I install the Adapter Kit?
Included in your Adapter Kit are six rectangular blocks and 7 screws that can be easily screwed and spaced around the inside diameter of the Culvert Cover.

What if my 15 inch Galvanized pipe is damaged or bent?
You can use a small floor jack or bottle jack to bend the culvert pipe back to shape, then the Adapter Kit can be spaced to avoid the damaged area.

Can I install the cover(s) myself?
Yes, it can be installed within 2 hours. See video on Installation page.

Do you install the culvert pipe landscape covers?
No, we do not install. The cover is made for the do-it-yourself homeowner.

What tools do I need for Installation?
Common household tools can be used, Shovel, Pick or Maddox, 2 X 4 stud can be used for dirt packing. If Adapter Kit is needed use a Philips screw driver or a variable speed drill.

Are the Culvert Pipe Covers paintable?
The high density plastic material is very durable but not paintable.

Why is there a plug in the back of the cover?
The removable plug is made to add dirt, sand or gravel.

How will my items be shipped?
Your Items may be shipped from different locations and arrive on different days.  Shipping method will be ground shipping 5 to 7 business days using a nationwide carrier.