For 15-inch galvanized steel pipe or 15-inch single wall plastic corrugated pipe.

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  • Adapter Kit includes six pre-drilled rectangular blocks and six 1-5/8-inch screws
  • Instructions included
  • Adapts Standard Landscape Cover to fit over a 15-inch steel culvert pipe or over a 15-inch single wall corrugated pipe.
  • Pre-drill holes with counter sink for location and easy installation
  • Screws and blocks are easily installed using a Phillips head screwdriver or variable speed drill
  • Blocks can be spaced to avoid a damaged area on a Galvanized steel pipe


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  1. Check the inside Diameter of your culvert pipe with a tape measure, does it measure 14 3/4 inches to 15 inches?

    A. If yes, you own a 15-inch corrugated pipe.

  2. Is your corrugated pipe 2 inches thick black plastic?

    B. If yes, a standard culvert pipe cover will work.

  3. Is your corrugated pipe galvanized steel?

    C. If yes, the adapter kit is needed to install the standard cover to fit a 15-inch galvanized pipe.